Friday, 20 April 2012

Still Haven't found What We're Looking For

Homeless Itinerant Bathing Society (Dublin/Memphis Branch)

We've searched high, we searched low... Since Leith Waterworld closed on January 8th this year, Splashback has taken up the City of Edinburgh Council's offer of alternative swimming options, visiting sites across the city in the guise of The Homeless Itinerant Bathing Society (Edinburgh Branch).  From north (Ainslie Park) to south (the RCP), from East (Porty) to west (Dalry) no stone has been left unturned as we searched for a suitable family venue to take our kids to... Having struggled to find something with equivalent fun factor to Leith Waterworld, we went further afield - beyond the city, and beyond Edinburgh Leisure's portfolio of pools.

Here's three more report cards, including
  • star pupil - Dunbar Leisure pool
  • Overseas pupil - Burnisland
  • and the eagerly awaited and costly refurbed (£36m!)  RCP, which we visited on April Fool's Day... the verdict?

"The wee wee pool - Kinda like swimming in an airport, lots of glakit passengers who seem as though they're waiting for something else...  The big pool - Good for 'grown-up' "proper" swimming - a jewel in someone else's crown."

RCP Report Card
  Burnstisland Dunbar Report Card

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