About Splashback

Leith Waterworld closed on 8 January 2012. For a year and a half we campaigned, then worked with the Council to investigate reopening the pool.  The Council voted to sell the site on 30 May 2013, cutting short our process and reversing a promise to work with us until the end of 2013 to develop a potential future for the site as a public amenity.

Splashback was a group of Edinburgh residents who sought to re-open this unique and well-loved facility, which was Edinburgh's (and the region's) only leisure pool with flumes, waves, shallow areas and warmer water than conventional pools.

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Why re-open Leith Waterworld?

Leith Waterworld was not just fun place to play in water, but an essential route to water confidence and swimming for babies and toddlers, and people of all ages with disabilities. For families living in crowded conditions in one of the capital's most deprived areas, Waterworld was a place where they could relax and play as a family – quality time together while enjoying healthy physical activity. It was also popular with visitors to the city, especially those with families, and brought spin-off spend to cafes and shops in the area.

For these reasons, the we believe the permanent loss of Leith Waterworld is a hammer-blow to Leith, and the capital as a whole. 

Splashback's vision and aims:

We wanted to see the pool re-open – and were willing to investigate all possible ways to do so, including a community-led social enterprise.

Our vision [was] to redevelop and reopen, under community-led management, a revitalised and enhanced Leith Waterworld as a pool and leisure destination, and an inclusive hub for health and wellbeing.

Who we are:

We are all residents of Leith & North Edinburgh, and parents of small children who used to love swimming at Leith Waterworld. At present, Splashback is constituted as an Unincorporated Association (please ask if you wish to see our constitution); the current committee members are: Johnny Gailey (Chair), Chris Askham (Treasurer), Simon Shields (Secretary), Ida Maspero, Jacqueline Rogers, Fiona Clandillon and Richard Maspero. Please get in touch if you would like to help on the committee.

We were in the process of registering a new Scottish Charitable Community Organisation (SCIO) called 'Leith Waterworld Community Hub', which would have taken forward our vision, including raising funds to reopen the pool and develop a community hub including new softplay, cafe and community event/party rooms.

Thank you to all our supporters who likewise sought to secure the future of this unique and valuable amenity for the people of Leith and Edinburgh.

Contacting Splashback: