Potted history

2005: City of Edinburgh Council decides to close and sell Leith Waterworld as part of a funding package to refurbish the Commonwealth Pool. 

2011: Councillors decide to go ahead with the planned closure, which had been postponed.

30 November 2011: Splashback campaign forms at a public meeting of residents concerned about the proposed closure. Blog post here.

December 2011 to February 2012: Petition against the closure collects more than 6,500 signatures. Petition is handed in to Councillors on 2 February.

22 December 2012: Splashback campaigners make a deputation to Full Council meeting where Greens table a motion to postpone the planned closure of Waterworld until after the reopening of the Royal Commonwealth Pool. The motion is not carried. Blog post here.

8 January 2012: Leith Waterworld closes its doors and the property is put on the market.

2 February 2012: Splashback campaigners make a deputation to Full Council meeting, handing in the petition with over 6,500 signatures. Councillors vote to delay the sale of the site by six months to allow a credible community bid to come forward. Blog post here.

February to August 2012: Splashback campaigners work to prepare a business case for a community bid.

16 March 2012: Splashback is constituted as an Unincorporated Association.

8 August 2012: On the revised closing date for the sale of the Waterworld property, Splashback submits its community bid to City of Edinburgh Council. It is the only bid received. Blog post here.

20 September 2012: At a Full Council meeting, City Councillors vote to reject the community bid, but agree to give Splashback another four months, until end January, to prepare a revised bid.

2 December 2012: First anniversary of the Splashback campaign celebrated with a birthday bash. Blog post here.    And view our wee video 'A Year in Pictures' here.

October 2012 to January 2013: Splashback prepares a detailed business plan with the help of social enterprise specialists.

23 January 2013: Detailed business plan for a revitalised Waterworld submitted. Blog post here.

31 January 2013: At a Full Council meeting, City Councillors vote to work cooperatively with Splashback to further investigate the feasibility of re-opening Waterworld, and pledge £350,000 over three years toward it. Blog post here.

1 March 2013: First meeting of joint Working Group comprising Councillors, officials and Splashback members.

30 May 2013: At a Full Council meeting, City Councillors vote for a U-turn on their pledge of 31 January and instead pursue the sale of LWW to Glasgow-based A&G Property Group, who propose to fill in the pool and create a softplay and karting centre. The amendment voted for includes the ring-fencing of £125k (originally earmarked for the feasibility phase of the community-led re-opening) for 'free swimming initiatives'. Splashback puts forward its proposals for how the money may be used.

16 June 2013: Splasback hosts its Sandcastle Competition and Family Day on North Leith Sands, with funding from £eith Decides. A bit of a farewell party, but great fun nonetheless. Blog post here.

7 August 2013: After a frustrating delay, the first of two meetings to discuss new swimming initatives.

10 Octover 2013: Edinburgh Council announces swimming measures - these fall far short of Splashback recommendations, but at least we insisted on ringfencing £125k for swimming!

And that's probably the end of the road.... 

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