Friday, 20 April 2012

Final score

Olympic Games legacy - The Watercube in Bejing

For the last three months, Splashback has been touring Edinburgh's pools, checking out the alternatives for those families left homeless by the closure of Leith Waterworld.  Whilst we expected that what was on offer would not match our experience in Leith Waterworld, what struck us was that in many pools families were notable by their absense.

Put simply, where are the 2500 people who visited Leith Waterworld each weekend swimming now? From our research, worryingly, they're not...

Here's the end of year report for the pools we visited... in summary:
Telling statistics about the innate capacities of the pools rather than effort…

We marked according to our  and our children’s needs, and whilst the swimming facilities are excellent, provision for the young and disabled is not – our search has reinforced the uniqueness of Leith Waterworld’s offer.  As we say – “LWW shouldn’t be compared to other swimming pools - It’s not a swimming pool, it’s a play park with water.” 

I’m afraid there is a now an unfortunate gap in leisure pool provision in both Edinburgh Leisure’s portfolio, and in the North of Edinburgh.  
Until we reopen it, we will remain homeless and itinerant…

Final Report Card


Splashback is now moving into our next phase as we aim to pull together a community bid to reopen Leith Waterworld.  Instead of visiting other swimming pools on Sunday mornings, we will now be concentrating on reopening the local amenity.  Each Sunday, we will be running a planning workshop for all those interested in reopening Leith Waterworld, from 10am until 12noon, at Out of the Blue.  Creche will be available - please do join us... we need both expertise and energy!

Email us at splashbackedinburgh[at] or follow us on Facebook or Twitter @splashback

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  1. Am surprised Leith Victoria scored so well. I went to a toddler session there and found the space reserved for us cramped and FREEZING! Session run well but not physically comfortable. Warm water pumps had zero impact and I left shivering with my (normally resilient) blue lipped toddler. Glenogle much more pleasant but still v limited. Dunbar great - but a day trip with car! Bring back LWW!!