Sunday, 27 November 2011

Save Leith Waterworld

Public meeting:

Wednesday 30 Nov - 2 – 3pm

at Out of the Blue, The Drill Hall, 36 Dalmeny Street,

off Leith Walk, Edinburgh


Did you know that Leith Waterworld is due to close its doors for good on 8 January 2012?

Are you concerned about what the loss of this valuable amenity would mean for you, your family, Leith and the whole of Edinburgh?

A public meeting has been called to discuss the closure. Please do email if you can’t make it and wish to be added to the mailing list:

All welcome

Children of all ages welcome


  1. have two grandchildren who will miss this amenity if it closes. One from Leith and the other from Dalkeith. It's the only pool warm enough for really young children and babies in Edinburgh

  2. Please don't close leith waterworld i come all the way from gilmerton with my 2 little girls. R routine is going to leith waterworl every saturday.we stopped going for a while when it closed before. I used to work at common wealth pool before it closed and still I traveld to leith. Leith is the only pool we enjoy there's lots to do for kids and also always warm. This is the best pool in edinburgh. Please don't close it will mess up r routine again and also for a lot of other parents and kids. Regards amanda laurie

  3. Please dnt close are pool. The best pool in edinburgh. This is r routine ever saturday. We travel from gilmerton and enjoy every saturday at the pool. Before refurbishment I used to work at common wealth and still traveld to leith water world with my to kids . Amanda

  4. Have written to three councillors for the Leith Walk Ward obviously not the Green as they are putting forward the Motion. Good luck and I hope the Councillors support the Motion