Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Jumping in the deep end

Thanks you to everyone who could make it to todays public meeting - the first for Splashback. We had over 40 adults in attendence and 25 children and young people, which is a fantastic attendance given everything else that was happening today...

We had some great contributions and points from the floor - questions concerning various user groups and constituencies - from young families with tots, to children starting to visit amenities on their own, from people with disabilities to teenagers, from people in Leith to people from throughout the Edinburgh area and indeed tourists!

We really appreciated hearing the concerns but more importantly the support for the campaign, especially from some of the younger members of the audience. All questions we will collate and attempt to answer over the next few weeks... but only with with your help.

We will circulate the minutes tomorrow and send out specific requests for help. We anticipate preparing a briefing over the next fortnight for people to approach their Councillors and MSPs/MP's.

If people are available to assist with getting signatures for a petition outside Waterworld this weekend it would be great to have teams of three or so...but we will update. We also anticipate setting up weekly campaign meetings from next Monday evening (5th December, times and venue to be confirmed).

Best wishes for now - a great start to the campaign to save Leith Waterworld!

The Evening News covered the story today here:
Save Leith Waterworld article


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