Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Splashback response to news of alternative bid for Leith Waterworld site

Splashback, the campaign to re-open the closed leisure pool, Leith Waterworld, this evening responds to news that the City of Edinburgh Council is considering another bid for the site (as reported today on the STV Edinburgh news website...

Campaigners said: "We were delighted when, on 31 January this year, the city's Councillors overwhelmingly voted to work with Splashback and to establish a working group to develop the business plan for a community-run Leith Waterworld. This reflected the administration's desire to work cooperatively with the citizens of Edinburgh, as set out in the Capital Coalition agreement. Over the last three and a half months, we have worked with Councillors and officials in good faith, and while there remains much still to do, we have made significant progress, including developing a fundraising plan and applying for charitable status."

The development of Leith Waterworld as a community-led social enterprise would support the first two partnership commitments of the coalition, namely 'ensuring every child in Edinburgh has the best start in life' and 'reducing poverty, inequality and deprivation'. The coalition agreement acknowledged the breakdown in trust between the residents of Edinburgh and their elected representatives, and that the city will be able to judge the Council against the promises it makes in the agreement.

"Splashback understands that this new bid leaves Councillors with a decision to make at next week's Full Council meeting - whether to continue working with us to achieve a revitalised LWW, or to pursue the new bid. However, we have faith in the letter and the spirit of the amendment carried on 31 January, and believe that the conviction displayed by Councillors on that day will guide their decision. We look forward to continuing to work with the Council to deliver on the commitments they made in January."

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  1. Maddie & Marks and Clownaround already provide Leith with soft play facilities. The old b&q on Easter Rd or one if the empty sheds on Seafield Rd could easily be used if someone wants to open another. LWW will be used by a much wider section of the community. We're right behind you Splashbackers! Good Luck!