Monday, 9 January 2012

"Campaigners vow not to throw in the towel in fight to save Leith Waterworld"

Round up of articles following the last day of swimming.  Gold medal for best punning headline definitely goes to Ally Tibbet's article for STV!

 STV article: 

"Campaigners vow not to throw in the towel in fight to save Leith Waterworld

"Pool "chock-a-block" in last weekend of opening as one local business worries they could lose up to a quarter of their takings.

More than 700 swimmers from all over the Lothians took the chance to enjoy Leith Waterworld on the last weekend before its final closure.

As campaigners fighting to keep the pool open gathered signatures outside, many expressed sadness that the pool would have to close and said that there was no other pool like it for miles around..."

Edinburgh Evening News article: 

"Waterworld shut but campaigners vow to battle on

Campaigners who battled to save Leith Waterworld today vowed to continue their fight by lodging an official complaint about the way the council has handled the closure.

The protesters carried on collecting signatures on their petition yesterday and enjoyed one last swim before the doors closed on the pool at the end of the day.

But Johnny Gailey of campaign group Splashback insisted the closure would not be the end of the story. He said: “Just because the council has given up on Leith Waterworld doesn’t mean we have...”


Vicky Allan piece in The Herald: 

" In Praise of ... Waterworld

Not the sweaty, over-the-top action flick starring Kevin Costner as a rugged kind of Mad Max on water in search of dry land after the polar ice caps have melted.

But rather, my local swimming pool, Leith Waterworld, which had its own quieter apocalypse when it closed its doors for the last time last weekend, as a result of a financial balancing act by Edinburgh Council, which part-paid for the Commonwealth Pool refurbishment with this closure..."



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