Friday, 9 December 2011

29 days to go!

Another busy day on the SUB outside Waterworld - and an additional further 500 signatures for the petition! People were happy to stop despite the freezing weather to sign... Thank you all for the support.

Support is growing as word spreads about the decision to close the pool on Jan 8th. Indeed over 220 people have got in touch with the Leith MP to discuss the matter... We urge constituents from across the city who have concerns about the closure to get in touch with their local Councillor this weekend, so they all have a bulging inbox on Monday morning! We believe this is not just an issue for Leith but for the whole of Edinburgh. You can download templates for letters here and find out the name of your Councillor from the Council's website...

In the mean time keep an eye on the media and the papers next week - below is a piece which appeared in online journal Bella Caledonia:

Save Leith Waterworld - We Have 40 Days to Reverse An Outrage
It has come as a shock to the local community that Leith Waterworld is set to close its doors for good on Monday 8th January. This shabby outrageous decision was being kept hidden from the local community but leaked out this week and has now been confirmed.

No one can deny that Leith Waterworld is a much-loved community asset. Kids adore it, it’s always busy, and it’s the only swimming pool in Edinburgh with flumes to play on. Although the pool is only be open three days a week in term time (the Council have been trying to run it down and close it for years) on the days it is open, come rain or shine, there are long queues of folk waiting to get in.
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