Thursday, 22 December 2011

Swimming against the tide


Following today's decision in the Council Chambers to force through the closure Leith Waterworld...

"We are very disappointed and astonished that the Council have not been able to meet their commitment to the people of Edinburgh to keep Leith Waterworld open until the Royal Commonwealth Pool is fully reopened to the public.  We are extremely concerned that the administration have not followed due process, particularly in relation to fostering equality in the city.

Cllr Brock did not want to go into details today.  Is she, or indeed the council, in possession of the full facts?  This SNP/Lib Dem administration is making decisions about service provision for children and the disabled in Leith based on innuendo and rumour.  Over the three weeks the administration have refused to engage with the campaign and provide full and fair information.  Cllr Brock has repeatedly provided different and misleading details on the costs and the lack of consultation with the community.

There was no substantive debate on the issues in the Chamber, simply ad hominem attacks on Councillors who listen to their communities.  SNP Cllr Cardownie’s statement that he would not have made his promise to the people of Edinburgh in 2007 if he knew it would be taken literally is beyond belief. 

Can any commitment he, or Cllr Brock, now makes be relied on?  This is symptomatic of the disconnect that exists between this administration and the people of Edinburgh. 

This is the not the end.  We will continue to oppose this closure until the doors are locked.  We will now enjoy Christmas with our families and will consider all our options."


  1. Thanks SplashBack for extreme efforts. This council and councilors are a new "Disgrace of Edinburgh" Shame on them all.(I have never heard such a stupid comment S.C."False hope is better than no hope" What is he on?) Too many closed ears and unspoken opinions. What are they afraid off?

  2. What about involving the Ombudsman if due process hasn't been followed. the Councillor with the initials SC must believe he is Santa Claus except he is taking away from the children. Pinocchio comes to mind as well his nose must be nearly touching the ground. No doubt he will be checking the job ads soon May I think it is

  3. Has the campaign taken legal advice about the possibility of judicial review based on a failure to carry out an equality impact assessment? This could potentially be a breach of the pulic sector equality duty contained in the Equality Act 2010 and may give enough of a basis to ask the Court of Session for interim interdict halting the closure. It may not reverse the decision to close the pool entirely but it would force the council to do a proper EIA and buy some time. Not sure how feasible moutning a legal challenge is given the holiday period and the short time frame but just a thought...

  4. Hi S Gilzean
    We have not yet taken legal advice, however do wish to pursue this angle as we have very serious concerns about the legality of not undertaking an EqIA. If you read this, could you get in touch please - please email - splashbackedinburgh at

  5. Great pic. Check out all the Labour councillors texting whilst I am speaking. Cheers fellas good to know you're paying attention! And the dude with the newspaper out in the botom left, nice.